Thursday, July 16, 2009

So what if I'm lazy?

I can see you with one eye...
It is not life-threatening, so I'm going close my eyes...I know I look the best when I'm lazy... :

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What you need to have a hair cut

Ok, first of all, what you need to have to good hair cut?

First - a dry toilet. This is very important because sometimes you need to sit on the floor and when the hair get down on floor, it can be sweep off easily.

Second thing - a bucket layered with a plastic bag. This is for you to collect all the hairs, then wrap it up and throw away. Simple huh?

Third thing - a towel. What is this for? It for you to wrap around your face, cover up your nose and mouth, jump over next door like a ninja and steal all the valuable things in your neighbour house. Hahaha...kidding, kidding...

It is actually for you to wrap up your nose and mouth so that you dont have to inhale too much hair.

Fourth thing - the equipment. Scissor, brushes...

And finally - a hairy monster. If it's not hairy, then you wont need to do a hair cutting la, right? hahaha...See his face, so scare/innocent/curious like that.
And the final result - Ta daaaa....a clean rabbit. Handsome leh....or do you think I look silly? Blame it on my master then....

I think I can tackle a few gals after this. What you ya think? :D

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Manja Caca

Have you missed Caca since there was no updates on my rabbits recently. Hehe...not much happened to them also. That's why nothing to write about. Lol...
This is how Caca looks when he is tired of binkying around the house. He would come look for my legs or anywhere near me and lie down. I'll stroke him whenever he come lying down and he'll close his very enjoy liddat...hahaha....

He is the most 'manja'ing rabbit you can find on earth...!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

This is what happen when I forgot to lock footy's cage for the whole night. That little devil roamed around every hook and corner of the house but first thing in his mind is to spray urine outside caca's cage (sometimes on top of caca's head)

Then fighting with caca as usual and that wound we guess perhaps footy poked his nose between the bars and get wolverine claws from caca...

Haha...serve him right!!

Ngek ngek ngek....huh...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hair cut session

Footy had a hair cut session few weeks ago. He is actually jersey wooly breed and the fur is a real headache for me when he's shedding. His cage, water bowl, food bowl and everything will fill with fur....

Anyway, since the last time he had hair/fur cut was few months ago, I decided to make the session hell for him (mmm....or the other way round..?) Cutting hair for him is really hard chore for me because he will move around and never stay still. So you can expect how is his fur will looks like at the end. Once my friends said he looks just like after being striked by thunder... LOL

This is before the hair cut. I always put him on top of toilet bowl. He is a devil, dont be decieved by his looks....haha

After he tired of struggling, resting for awhile. I can see his grumpy face.... I think he's very 'tulan' already. Okla...almost done.

Ok...Done! Notice any difference?
I think his face looks slimmer.

Another nightmare is over.....for me. Phewww...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who would have thought this blackie is a rabbit

Caca is the most laziest rabbit in the world. It's free for me to mould him, spread him, flop him down, move him and search his underarm for the other arm... hahaha

And sometimes he would snooze his way beside you and sleep...... :D
Spread his leg so that his balls could catch some air.
I purposely crawled away, took my camera and snapped this photo.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Been aWhile..

It's been awhile since the last update from me. Well, first of all would like to wish everybody

Happy Chinese New Year....

CNY this year is a different one since we need to give out ang pow instead of receiving one. Hahaha...and we had to pack up those ang pows and no doubt it was a tedious job for us! But wonder why we never complained about it for the past 30 years when we un-pack the ang pows. Moreover since this is the first year of marriage, we need to give double out. Means 'double-happiness' kua....I think :)

But no worry, we shall get it back next year.... Ngek ngek ngek (*evil grins*)

Starting off the new year without Bobo. He had been with us for 4 times of CNY celebration. Without him, cetainly there is something different.

Early years of Bobo... A cluster of fur-ball...

Pee - pee on the newspaper

Grown up into such a beauty and he was a real smart-ass.
I love to cuddle him on my lap, but everytime he's struggling, he gonna left some scratch-mark-art on my thigh. Sigh....
Shhh....dont disturb.
Now, who talked so loud just now?

Bobo passed away on 17th Dec 2008 @ 7:50am. He will be forever in our memory.

Bullshit of the day...

Rain rain rain....

Everything is so blur outside